Optical illusion – Hidden among the tortoises is a snake! 99 percent of people couldn’t find it; give it a try yourself.

Many people regularly love to solve various puzzles to enhance the brain’s capacity. Not only that, it is considered as another exercise for the brain. Overall, after finding the correct solutions to these challenging puzzles, one can achieve a unique mental satisfaction.

That’s why many spend hours solving puzzles. Moreover, in today’s era, a special kind of images is gradually emerging on the internet. They are called optical illusions, which means “eye tricks” in English.

Primarily, in the case of these images, one must search for a specific type of symbol or subject. Furthermore, solving them can also be quite challenging. Although, individuals with sharp minds can easily solve these types of puzzles. Keeping that in mind, here is another image related to visual illusions for our readers.

Hidden among the tortoises is a snake:

The recent image that has emerged contains a special surprise! Even though you can see multiple tortoises in the picture, hidden among them is a snake too! And the snake’s presence caused quite a commotion. Even if you don’t spot the snake, we’ll tell you where it is.

Here’s the snake:

If you carefully observe the image, you will be able to find the snake’s location as well. Basically, the tortoises in the picture and the snake have almost the same colors, which has deceived everyone.

However, there is a difference in the case of the snake. And that difference has not been noticed by almost 99 percent of people.

Optical illusion - Hidden among the tortoises is a snake! 99 percent of people couldn't find it; give it a try yourself.

The snake is on the far left side of the picture, hidden among the tortoises. To help you understand it better, we’ve marked it with a red circle.

Even though every tortoise has an open mouth, notice that there is no opening near the snake. That’s how the difference was spotted. In this case, if you manage to find it before we tell you, then without a doubt, you are a genius.

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