Reasons Why Internet Is Slow In Bangladesh Today?

Internet is not just a technology. It has become a new way of connecting people, businesses and organizations. The Internet is a digital network that connects devices, such as computers, servers, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets, over a network such as the internet.

It allows people to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. It has become a lifeline for businesses and organizations to reach a wider customer base than ever before. It has enabled people to make global business transactions more efficiently and seamlessly. But this amazing invention of modern times has its own downsides.

In the past, Internet speed was not a big concern for many people. They had no idea it would become their lifeline for communicating with people from across the globe. However, today, many people around the world have come to regard the Internet as something essential in their lives. This is why the Internet has become slow in many regions of the world today. Here are some of the reasons why Internet is slow in your country today.

Lack of funding

In many developing countries, there is a lack of funding for the Internet. When there is no funding, the Internet suffers. Lack of funding may be because of economic issues in a particular country or because of the lack of awareness of the importance of the Internet to the people living in the country. In Bangladesh, there is a huge deficit in funding for the Internet.

Despite being in a middle-income country, there was no provision for funding from the government itself. This is why the government had no choice but to come up with fund-raising initiatives and incentives. However, a one-time fund-raising campaign in Bangladesh was a total failure. It was largely because of lack of funding that the Internet in Bangladesh became slow this year.

Local content restrictions

Web sites and online services are often blocked in certain countries due to local content restrictions. When the Internet in a particular country has restricted content, then it becomes slow. This is one of the reasons Internet speed became slow in Bangladesh this year. Google+ was banned in Bangladesh in March this year. YouTube was blocked in the country in November.

This left people with no other option than to use other video-sharing websites such as Vimeo and Ustream. This caused many Bangladeshis to switch to these websites as their only source of entertainment. Since these websites do not host any video or audio files, they became the only source of entertainment. However, many of these websites are also blocked in other countries. This is why Internet speed became slow in many countries this year.

Awareness of internet speed

There is a huge gap between the world of Internet and the real world. People often do not know the actual speed of the Internet in their country. This is just like how people are not aware of how fast their Internet connection is. They confuse their connection speed to real world speed. When people do not know how fast their Internet connection is, then they tend to think that their Internet connection is slow.

However, in reality, their Internet connection is actually fast. This is why the Internet became slow in many countries this year. The awareness of the world of Internet and how fast the Internet is being increased across the world. This will ensure that people know the actual speed of the Internet in their country and that there will be no confusion between the speed of their Internet connection and real world speed.

The awareness of the connectivity speed of the Internet is very important in Bangladesh today. The awareness of connectivity speed is one reason why the Internet became slow in the country.

User Equipment quality of service

The Internet is a very complex network. It is composed of lots of different technologies and devices. When a problem occurs on any of these technologies and devices, then it affects the whole network. If a person is having a problem with his or her equipment, then it is possible for the person to report the problem to the Internet service provider.

The customer is then sent a new box, which is connected to the Internet. However, if the person does not know that his or her equipment is not working properly, then the person can continue to blame the Internet service provider when the Internet problem persists. This is why the Internet became slow in many countries this year. There is a huge potential for the Internet to become faster if people are aware of the actual speed of the Internet in their country.

Network issues

There are many factors that can affect the speed of the Internet. One of these factors is the physical condition of the fiber-optic lines that carry the Internet signals. The other factors are the physical condition of the buildings that are connected to the fiber optic lines and the quality of the hardware and software used in the network hardware. When any of these factors change, then the speed of the Internet changes. This is why Internet speed became slow in many countries this year.


Internet is one of the most important forms of communication available today. It has become an essential tool for business and social interaction. However, it has a downside. Internet is not fast enough for many people. This article explores some of the reasons why Internet is slow in your country today.

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