The third generation (3G) Internet service will be discontinued

Assalamu Alaikum. I hope that by God’s grace everything is fine. We currently use different types of technology to maintain communication with each other. The use of these technologies has shortened the distance between us and made it easier for us to communicate with each other. The Internet plays a very important role in this regard.

If the Bengali meaning of the word internet can be analyzed, it means an international network. Funny but just that. It’s like a network that keeps us all in the same thread. Whereas in the past it was difficult to communicate from one place to another, it is now easier to communicate from one end of the world to the other via the Internet.

Right now we are all more or less using the internet. We all have a little idea about the internet. Over time, the Internet has come to us in new ways. This new look is what we know as Generation. Recently 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G etc.

Now we all use 4G and 5G. In the evolution of time, we have moved to the fourth generation and the fifth generation. But whether the older generation still exists or not depends on our progress in this technology. It was a great time for us to cross the first generation and the second generation and enter the third generation.

The third generation gives us a slightly new touch compared to the previous generation. But now it has been replaced by the fourth generation and the fifth generation. ISPs have decided to turn down the old generation to adapt to their new generation.

Many countries around the world have announced that they will stop providing third-generation Internet services. So far, several Internet service providers in the United States have decided to shut down their third-generation Internet system.

As a result, older devices that were once available on the third-generation Internet can no longer benefit from it. Internet access on their devices will be denied, even if the phones can connect to the Internet via WiFi.

Even the old iPhone, like any phone, Kindle devices with Internet access up to the third generation have no choice but to throw away all the devices.

Because the Internet system in Bangladesh has not yet been extended to the fifth generation, it is almost impossible for this to happen in the current context of Bangladesh. The growing number of internet users in Bangladesh will turn the third generation internet system into a museum for us.

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